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What materials can be cut with the saw and the knife cutter?

The saw and knife cutter make a great combination. The saw will allow you to cut just about any substrate with clean smooth edges and guaranteed accuracy of 1/32”. As stated the saw will cut just about anything however the knife was developed to cut softer substrates eliminating any dust or noise. We specify the knife cutter for cutting sintra, foam board and gator board.

What is the difference between a C4 and the H-series?

It is basically the size of the table that will support your material. The functionality of each machine is the same. The motor and the guide system are the same on each of these units. The C4 is built with a 5’ base, which supports your material and is critical to getting accurate cuts. This unit is perfect for the shop that is taking 4x8 material and cutting it in half on a regular basis. This unit also takes up very little space and is easily moved if necessary. The H-series saws are built with a 10’ base allowing one operator to easily cut sheets as long as 10’. They are available in three cutting heights 50”, 64” and 74”.

Why a Safety Speed Cut panel saw versus another cutting tool?

Safety Speed Cut has been in business since 1958. We are a small company that takes pride in every one of our machines. Each machine is hand assembled and aligned according to our quality standards. We want your experience with a Safety Speed Cut panel saw to be the best it can be and we strive to be one of the most profitable purchases that you ever make. Our panel saws are easy to setup, use and maintain while our customer service cannot be beat.

Can your standard C4 and H-series be converted to a Knife?

Yes they can, however it is much cheaper to buy it as a Sign Saw Package right away. If you already have a standard model we do have a kit that you can buy which will allow you to retrofit your machine so that a knife cutter and saw can interchange. The initial change for this kit does take some mechanical expertise and little bit of time. Once it is installed you can change your saw to a knife cutter within seconds.

Can your vertical panel saws be expanded and/or another motor be installed on them?

This is not recommended as this can affect your accuracy and possibly risk the safety of the operator. Our machines are completely welded to insure accuracy over a long time period. The welded frame is what supports your material so it is imperative that it stays straight and does not have bolted areas that could sag over time thus affecting how your material sits on the frame. The motors are specifically made for our panel saws to insure a tight fit in the carriage however they use a standard off the shelf Milwaukee saw armature. The casing that the armature sits in allows the motor to securely fasten to our mounting plate and gives the operator a comfortable handle to use in operation.

Which Tool is Right for Me?

Depends on what you want to use it for! Try our easy Tool Selector to decide which tool is right for you.

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